Sport Psychology

What is Sport Psychology?

What is sport psychology all about? Sport psychology helps to bridge the gap between your optimal potential and what
sometimes shows up on competition day. You’ve practiced for countless hours and your body knows what to do, but somehow
the mind gets in the way. Obstacles creep in, like negative thinking, lack of focus, setbacks, and fear of failure. Sport
psychology supports optimal performance through cognitive restructuring. In simple terms, you use mental tools to gain a new
perspective and shift your mindset.

It is not about fixing problems.

Sport psychology works from your strengths. It is about cultivating greater self-awareness of what makes you shine and self-
regulation to manage what arises during pressure situations. It is about supporting you as a whole person, on and off the field.

Sport psychology supports your everyday life.

Sport psychology offers benefits like stress management skills, increased motivation and emotional regulation, which create a
greater balance of mind, body and sport. The ultimate goal is to maintain the joy that started you on this path in the first place,
while also increasing mental wellbeing, which in turn enhances meaning and satisfaction in your life journey.

Who will benefit from this work?

This approach is appropriate for anyone who wishes to develop competency and consistency in employing mental skills. It is
not limited to those in highly demanding sports (coaches and athletes) or performing arts, but also is ideal for the business
executive, academic student, or the individual seeking greater enjoyment out of his hobby.

What is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant?

The Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) credential demonstrates and validates the knowledge, skill and expertise necessary to effectively work with athletes and performers across a variety of performance domains to integrate mental skills into their preparation. The CMPC exhibits an ongoing commitment to staying abreast of the latest science, practices and techniques focused on things like building confidence, reducing anxiety, and setting goals. The CMPC is dedicated to bringing the highest ethics and personal regard to all performers of diverse backgrounds, individual pursuits and developmental levels. For more information, please visit