Peak Performance Consulting For Groups and Teams

Teams thrive when their members thrive. Our Peak Performance Consulting Workshops combine science and real-world application to help teams unlock their peak performance and grow as a group. Our prime goal is to get to know you and your team, and then to design sessions that reflect your unique needs. Whether your focus is on improving communication, clarifying goals or cultivating mental resilience, working with a mental performance consultant helps create a win-win between leaders and team members.


Workshops and Webinars

Give your team the edge it needs to perform at their best. As a mental performance consultant, I work with you to understand your unique environment and to develop programming that fits your group and schedule. People learn better when they are enjoying themselves, so I lead interactive and engaging workshops that get participants invested in the learning process. Teams cultivate stronger bonds, learn more about themselves and take away actionable tools to elevate their performance. 

Choose the option that fits your needs

Effective coaches know the importance of mental training all year long. Workshops and webinars are designed with you in mind. Whether you prefer an individual workshop, a dive-deep series (3-6 sessions), or whether it is in or out of season, multiple programming options ensure a good fit for different schedules and needs.

Virtual or In-person Peak Performance Consulting

The perfect partnership is the one that works for you and your team. Whether in-person or virtual, sessions are designed to engage the team members and create an impactful experience that translates to the field or office space.

How do we get started?

If you would like to learn more about how mental performance training can benefit your team, reach out to me for a Free Coach Meeting today.

Popular topics include those below, or we can tailor the topic to your needs:

  • Building Trust: Fostering a safe, supportive team environment.
  • Team Cohesion: Enhancing unity and collaboration among team members.
  • Team Goal Setting: Aligning individual and team objectives for collective success.
  • Effective Communication: Improving interpersonal skills within the team.
  • Coach Development: Empowering coaches with tools for better team management.
  • Mindfulness for Sport and Performance Enhancement: Integrating mindfulness practices for team success.

Mindfulness Training

Athletes understand the importance of staying in the present moment, but often struggle to maintain focus when facing setbacks or uncertainty. Mindfulness plays a significant role in cultivating the emotional resilience necessary to respond to setbacks effectively and redirect attention to the challenge at hand.

The process

By practicing self-observation, you learn to cultivate THE PAUSE. This brief moment allows you to respond to the demands of the moment rather than react on impulse. Through practices like breath awareness, muscle relaxation and self-talk, individuals and teams learn to calm their minds, manage stress, and redirect attention, which can also enhance sport satisfaction and overall well-being. 

Maximizing training

Coaches wear many hats and maximizing time is a top priority. Mental skills like mindfulness enhance attention and intention, so that your team can get more out of what they do. Mindfulness is easy to learn and incorporate into your current routines.

Mental performance for the corporate environment

Mental performance training aims to improve the mental skills and abilities of individuals in any environment. Business professionals benefit from enhanced attention, problem-solving skills, creativity and resilience. Teams experience enhanced communication and teamwork.

Benefits to your team may include:

  • Reducing stress and burnout: Employees learn new ways to cope with the demands and pressures of their work environment, and prevent or reduce the negative effects stress can have on their mental and physical well-being.
  • Enhancing productivity and performance: Through improved focus, concentration, and goal setting, teams can enhance outcome in tasks and projects.
  • Fostering collaboration and creativity: The whole team benefits when members develop greater emotional intelligence, communication skills and better manage conflict. 
  • Well-being and satisfaction: Through skills like improved self-awareness and self-care, business professionals can increase their happiness and satisfaction at work and in their everyday lives.

Group presentations and workshops are a blend of academic research and practical application. Participants leave with actionable skills that can be integrated into your daily practice, work environment, or personal life. Sessions are tailored to suit the age and developmental needs of the group, fostering meaningful engagement and ensuring valuable takeaways. 

If you would like to learn more, reach out to me for your Free Consultation today. 

Past Engagements and Specialized Focus

Past presentations highlight our commitment to diverse audiences. We’ve also focused on niche areas like meditation for corporate environments and workshops specifically designed for female athletes. Some examples of past presentations are highlighted below.

  • Baylor College of Medicine – Athletic Trainers Symposium 2022
  • Texas Track and Field Coaches’ Association, Winter Conference 2022, 2023
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Annual Conference 2022 (research presentation)
  • Northbrook High School Coaches
  • Kincaid High School Cross Country team
  • St. John’s High School Coaches
  • Rice University Women’s Cross Country Team
  • UT-Austin Texas Taekwondo Team
  • Bellaire High School Debate Team 
  • Paetow High School Varsity Football 
  • Diamond Offshore Drilling – Meditation 101
  • Houston Ballet 
  • Female athlete-focused workshops
  • Meditation for the corporate environment
  • The mindful athlete

Focus Areas


What are the key benefits of mindfulness training for teams and athletes?

Mindfulness training offers numerous benefits for teams and athletes, including enhanced focus during high-pressure situations, improved emotional resilience to handle setbacks, and better stress management. These skills not only contribute to better performance in sports but also promote overall well-being and satisfaction, fostering a more cohesive and supportive team environment.

Mental performance training in a corporate setting focuses on developing skills like improved attention, problem-solving, and resilience. It enhances team communication and collaboration, leading to reduced stress and burnout, increased productivity, and a more positive work environment. Tailored group workshops and sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of your team, whether virtual or in-person, ensuring practical and actionable takeaways for everyday application.

Trusted Testimonials

Michelle Gregovic has not only helped me through times of mental warfare, but also through physical warfare (injury recovery). She has helped me to realize that I don’t have to step on the crazy train of thoughts, instead let it pass by, there is no need to jump on. Michelle has overall helped me to strive for my personal excellence!

M.L., Women’s Soccer, Goalkeeper

Michelle helped my daughter work through the psychological ups and downs she faced after her second ACL surgery, as well as gain the confidence back my daughter had pre surgery. Although the body heals, the mind must heal as well. I cannot thank Michelle enough for her expertise in the field of sport psychology and for her kindness and compassion she has shown my daughter in a time of desperate need.

C.L. – Mother of High School Soccer Athlete