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Mental Performance Consultant

Hi, I am Michelle Gregovic, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant ( CMPC) based in Houston, Texas, and I work with athletes and high-achieving adults so they can thrive in challenging situations, build authentic confidence and do what they love longer.

I see every relationship as a privilege and aim to provide an inclusive environment that honors the uniqueness of each client. I know what it means to seek balance between a desire to be the best and a desire to find life satisfaction and wellbeing. It is this balance that sustains us toward our long term aspirations.

Success on and off the field begins with our mindset, which reflects a set of beliefs that shape the way you view the world and yourself. For an athlete, it can be the critical element that decides how they will interpret and then respond to challenges and setbacks. It is my goal to help clients cultivate a growth mindset and learn to reset attention on the present moment.

Be strong. Be confident. Stay curious.

Become the best version of YOU.

“The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion.”

~ Thích Nhất Hạnh
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Our Services

One-on-One Coaching

You’ve put in the hard work. Now it’s time to invest in the mental side of your game. Personalized mental performance training helps you gain the confidence you need to perform better under pressure. Together, we will help you respond to setbacks with greater ease, develop a healthier perspective and learn how to sustain the joy of your sport.

For Teams

Working with a mental performance coach can give your team the edge it needs to consistently perform to their potential. Every team is unique. That is why I get to know your needs and goals, and then tailor content to your group. Multiple programming options ensure a good fit for different schedules and needs.

Group Presentations

On-site workshops and virtual webinars help introduce mental skills training and how to use them to enhance performance and maximize potential. Sport psychology sessions combine science and real-world application to ensure participants walk away with practical skills that can be integrated into practice, work environment or daily life.

Embarking on Your Journey

Is a Mental Performance Consultant right for you?

Sport psychology and a mental performance consultant are perfect for anyone who wishes to develop competency and consistency in employing mental skills. It is not limited to athletes, but also is ideal for the business professional, student, those in public speaking, first responders or for individuals seeking greater enjoyment out of their hobby.


Working with Michelle has truly helped me so much as a professional runner. She is patient and extremely relatable, whether it’s helping me on the track or in my everyday life. She is always very professional, accommodating and caring for her clients. It is amazing working with her every week!

S.S., professional track & field athlete

Katy, Texas

Michelle brings an incredible array of skills to the table, but in the most friendly manner that’s never overbearing or judgmental. She met me where I was and helped me to regain my connection to sport through simple interventions and an abundance of kindness. Not only has my performance improved, but I’ve strengthened my relationship with myself and my family in the process.

– R.J., National Guard

Houston, Texas

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology is the study of how psychological factors, like how we think and feel, influence performance and exercise. It is for sports and a whole lot more! This fast-growing field offers insight for anyone wanting to improve their performance and enhance well-being. Athletes like basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, and tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, cite their mental preparation as the key element to elevate their game and achieve success. Mental skills is something that can be learned and is accessible to all, regardless of entry point.

Personalized Mental Skills Training

My approach to mental skills training is customized to your needs and based on the latest research in the field of sport psychology. We will cover techniques like managing performance anxiety, improving focus, building confidence, and creating routines to enhance consistency under pressure. By developing these skills, clients are better prepared to face challenges and unlock their full potential.

Want to Improve?

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