Essential Resources For Athletes

Cultivating mental health and wellbeing is most effective when it is supported by daily practice. I call that putting pennies in the jar. Every day you take time to learn about yourself is like investing in your lifelong happiness and success. Below are some of my favorite resources for athletes and people like you who want to thrive in both work and life. They offer a variety of different tools for improving self-awareness and mental wellbeing, plus science-based knowledge and practical tips on how you can boost mental performance and achieve your goals.

Sport Psychology Resources For Athletes

Non-Profit Organizations For Athletes

  • Find educational resources from the non-profit organization Athletes for Hope, who is dedicated to educating athletes on their potential to make a positive impact on the world, connecting them with the causes they care about and inspiring others to do the same. Also, check out The Whole Being Athlete Program!
  • Empower Athletes with ANAD: Combatting the Pressure of Performance and Its Impact on Body Image. ANAD, a Dedicated Non-Profit Organization, Offers Comprehensive Free Peer-Support Services for Those Struggling with Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Eating Disorders. Find the Balance Between Sporting Excellence and Maintaining a Healthy Body Without Compromise.


  • Waking Up with Meditation: Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation from neuroscientist and author, Sam Harris. A limited free version is available, and full access requires a subscription.
  • Discover Peace with Calm: This app has been around for awhile and proven popular with beginners and experienced meditators. I like the nature sounds and the variety of both structured and more free-form offerings. While it offers some free content, it is very limited.
  • Advance Your Meditation with Headspace: Consistently ranking as one of the best, this app excels in its organization and well-structured offerings that help you advance in your meditation practice. Like others, the free content is very limited.
  • Strengthen Your Mind with the Healthy Minds Program: Free and fairly easy to use, this app bases its programming on what it considers to be four foundational pillars of a healthy mind: Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose. Also offers individual meditation coaching sessions.
  • Begin Your Mindfulness Journey with Smiling Minds: This is a great app to dip your toes into what mindfulness can do for you. Easy, short exercises like the 1-minute body scan make this app accessible to all. And best of all, it offers free programming for adults and youth alike.
  • Explore Ancient Himalayan Wisdom with Hansavedas Academy: Learn the history and science of meditation based on ancient Himalayan spiritual traditions. The Hansavedas Fellowship is an international sangha that offers Himalayan meditation and yoga.The app has a variety of offerings, including teachings, classical music from India, chanting and guided meditation.

Podcasts & Podcast Episodes

  • Explore Unconscious Motivators with Hidden Brain: This insightful podcast presents a variety of topics that explore the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior.
  • Huberman Lab – Unraveling Brain Mysteries: Take a deep dive with neuroscientist and Stanford University professor, Dr. Andrew Huberman, into how our brain controls our perceptions, our behaviors and our health.
  • Ten Percent Happier – Meditation for Everyone: Dan Harris, formerly of ABC news, makes meditation accessible to all with enlightening interviews from everyone from The Dalai Lama to Brene Brown and more.
  • Mindful Sport Performance Podcast: bringing mindfulness into sport with practical tips and insightful interviews
  • Tara Brach Podcast – Embrace Radical Acceptance: Meditation teacher and renowned author of Radical Acceptance.
  • Radio Headspace – Daily Joy and Reflection: Brought to you by the Headspace App, this practical podcast offers a chance to pause and reflect on how to bring more joy into your day and your life.
  • The Growth Equation – Practical Sport Science Insights: Hosted by authors, Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg, this podcast offers practical tips and no-nonsense reviews of the latest sport science news.
  • Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais: This podcast brings interviews with the best of the best to discover how to unlock your potential.
  • Female Athlete Podcast – Unique Insights on Women in Sport: This podcast is worth a listen for its unique focus on topics related to the female body, exercise and sport.
  • Michelle Gregovic on Talk’n Throws: A special feature on the Talk’n Throws podcast.
  • Hidden Brain – Overcoming Perfectionism: Discover strategies to escape the trap of perfectionism.
  • Hidden Brain – Confronting Self Doubt: Unpack the psychology behind self-doubt and its impacts.

Recommended Reads For Athletes

  • Peak Performance, by Steve Magness: Explore the secrets of achieving peak performance in ‘Peak Performance’ by Steve Magness. This book delves into the science of success, offering insights and strategies for athletes to maximize their potential in sports and life.
  • Do Hard Things, by Steve Magness: Do Hard Things’ by Steve Magness challenges athletes to push beyond their limits. It’s a guide to embracing difficulty and using it as a tool for growth, perfect for athletes seeking to elevate their mental and physical game.
  • Endure, by Alex Hutchinson: Alex Hutchinson’s ‘Endure’ is a fascinating exploration of the limits of human performance. This book combines science and storytelling to understand how athletes can push the boundaries of endurance.
  • The Practice of Groundedness, by Brad Stulberg: In ‘The Practice of Groundedness,’ Brad Stulberg presents a holistic approach to achieving performance goals. This book is ideal for athletes looking to balance ambition with mental and emotional well-being.
  • The Mindful Athlete, by George Mumford: George Mumford’s ‘The Mindful Athlete’ dives into the power of mindfulness in sports. It’s a must-read for athletes wanting to enhance focus, reduce stress, and achieve peak performance through mindfulness techniques.
  • The Inner Game of Tennis, by Timothy Gallwey: Timothy Gallwey’s ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ is not just for tennis players but all athletes. It offers groundbreaking insights into the mental challenges of sports and practical techniques to overcome them.