One-on-One Mental Performance Consulting

Are you looking to elevate your game, overcome challenges or manage life transitions? One-on-one mental performance consulting can give you the edge you need to thrive under pressure, increase confidence and find more satisfaction and enjoyment in your journey.


Is a one-on-one consultation right for me?

You started this journey because it was fun, but now it feels serious. Maybe you are questioning if you really belong here. I get it. The self doubt, the nerves, the negative thoughts that accompany the deep desire to win. Athletes are under immense physical and emotional stress. You may feel pressure from your coaches, teammates, peers and even from your own expectations.

Pressure is a part of our human experience, and it increases as the importance of the situation and the level of competition increases. Working one-on-one with a mental performance consultant can help you learn to manage your response to pressure so that it becomes an ally instead of an enemy. For high-achieving adults, it can help you stay on the path toward your dreams.

My ideal client is someone who is passionate about their sport or endeavour, committed to excellence, and has a desire to learn more about themselves. Together, we will set effective goals to keep you motivated on your path to success. We will anticipate challenges and create a plan to thrive when it counts, boost your self-confidence and keep the inner fire burning.

Sport psychology is for everyone.

There is often a misconception that sport psychology is only for athletes when facing a difficulty, but even elite athletes and high-achieving adults recognize the benefits of working with a mental performance consultant. Long term goals require a plan to sustain motivation through the inevitable ups and downs and someone to help you stay accountable to that plan. Having a support system in place helps you manage goals, maintain focus and improve overall well-being.

Athletes in transition

“I have always been a dancer. Now what?” For an athlete who is confronted with a career-ending injury or is ready to retire, this type of question is common. Times of transition can be challenging, not only for athletes, but for their family, friends and others around them. Your feelings are real, and a successful transition requires acknowledging and processing those emotions both before and during the transition.

There is more to you than one identity. Recognizing how the strengths you honed as an athlete translate off the field is essential to a successful process. Together, we will talk about what to expect and will create a holistic plan for decelerating from life as a competitive athlete. This includes thinking about how to maintain important connections, managing stress, reimagining your athletic experience and creating meaningful goals as you embark on a new career.

Working through injury

Many athletes are ready to return to full practice and competition as soon as they are medically cleared by the trainer or physician. However, when an athlete sustains an injury, they face not only physical challenges, but experience emotional and mental setbacks as well. Disappointment and loss are part of the injury equation. A missed season, feeling isolated from teammates, and not able to train are just a few of the factors that confront an injured athlete. Your recovery journey is as unique as you are and should be treated as such.

This is a challenging time. It can also be of time of great introspection and growth. And a chance to gain new perspectives that help you return stronger. So bring on your doubts, your fears and your stress, and together we will work on skills to take care of yourself, body and mind, to support the positive mindset needed for a successful recovery and eventual return to sport.

What can I expect in a session?

As a sport psychology consultant, I work with individuals and teams to foster the mental skills needed to elevate their game and find more satisfaction in their life journey or sport. I take a personalized and client-centered approach to our sessions, which means I see you first as a unique individual. I take the time to get to know you, your background, and your vision of success. Each session will combine discussion and experiential learning on how the mind and body are connected and how our thoughts, feelings and actions work together to influence our experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental performance. Sessions are customized to be engaging, appropriate and effective for the age and skill level of each client. Clients will leave with simple tools that can be put into practice immediately.

Focus Areas


What is Mental Performance Consulting?

Mental Performance Consulting focuses on developing the mental skills to help deliver peak performance in high-pressure environments. It is not limited to athletes but is also ideal for business professionals, students, public speakers, first responders, or individuals seeking greater enjoyment in their hobbies. The goal is to develop competency and consistency in employing mental skills.

A Mental Performance Coach, like Michelle Gregovic at Present Moment Mindset, works with individuals to help them thrive in high-performance situations. This includes personalized mental performance training to gain confidence, respond to setbacks with ease, develop a healthier perspective, and sustain the joy of their sport or activity. The coach helps clients cultivate a growth mindset and learn to focus on the present moment, enhancing their overall performance and well-being.

Trusted Testimonials

Michelle Gregovic has not only helped me through times of mental warfare, but also through physical warfare (injury recovery). She has helped me to realize that I don’t have to step on the crazy train of thoughts, instead let it pass by, there is no need to jump on. Michelle has overall helped me to strive for my personal excellence!

M.L., Women’s Soccer, Goalkeeper

Michelle helped my daughter work through the psychological ups and downs she faced after her second ACL surgery, as well as gain the confidence back my daughter had pre surgery. Although the body heals, the mind must heal as well. I cannot thank Michelle enough for her expertise in the field of sport psychology and for her kindness and compassion she has shown my daughter in a time of desperate need.

C.L. – Mother of High School Soccer Athlete